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Are You Ready...

to feel good in your body and good in your head?

Without stressing over every single bite of food you take...
Without spending 8 hours a day in the gym...
Without yo-yo diets or crazy food fads that won't give you real, lasting results...

if so

I will support you in your change with
hypnosis and coaching
free yourself from blockages, learn to manage your emotions and set up new habits

If you've had enough of dieting, you're ready to challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone, change your habits, then my method is for you.

If you have no trouble losing weight or are not ready to change, to commit, to step out of your comfort zone, then now is not the time to work together yet.


Let's work together


Lose weight sustainably to finally:

Dress the way you want

Do the activities you want

Find serenity with regards to food

Have confidence in yourself

Take control of your life and reach your full potential


Make an appointment NOW

I will be happy to accompany you!

06 65 29 46 24



J’ai fait 3 séances d’hypnose avec Carole par rapport à une problématique bien précise. Je suis bluffée du résultat ! Sa voix et sa personnalité sont douces, rassurantes. Elle cerne tout de suite ce qu'il y a à travailler. J'ai gagné en confiance et des événements positifs ne cessent de se produire dernièrement dans ma vie. J'ai hâte d'y retourner !



Une séance relaxante, simple et effet bénéfique pour les nuits suivantes 

Who am I?

Who am I?

Carole Reynaud

After starting my professional life as an engineer to travel the world, I decided to come back to France and to become a hypnosis therapist. My work ? Make sure that you can overcome your difficulties or exceed your limits as quickly as possible, by helping you mobilize your resources to achieve the goals you have chosen… In short, catalyze the magic that is in you!

The session lasts about 1 hour. The session takes place in French or English depending on your choice.

The sessions are usually every other week, although this pace can be adapted according to your resources and your change objective.


The work on an issue takes usually 3 to 5 sessions.


The consultation is 70 €.


The practice is located: 2 avenue lemeray, Antibes


How is the session going?

What is the price?

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